In charge of the “bicycle” part of narifuri’s concept, “fashion + bicycle”

We present comfortable styles for enjoying urban rides on bicycles together with narifuri’s items.
Here you’ll find well-selected bicycles and accessories that go well with the urban scene,
including our original brand “HELMZ” jointly developed with Bridgestone Cycle.
We sincerely hope and wish to share with diverse people the joy of cycling through urban riding,
a truly grassroots genre in which style is important
Also, we widely do repairs, maintenance, and customization specializing in sports bicycles.


Sales of bicycles and related parts, maintenance of sports bicycles.
Always available for consultation on customization as well.


A bicycle brand developed out of a joint effort between Japan’s leading bicycle manufacturer Bridgestone Cycle and narifuri for smart urban cruising.HELMZ acquired its uniqueness in design, one of the key factors behind one’s motivation to ride, by cherishing the universal beauty of bicycles while also paying ample attention to every detail.Appearance aside, the speed and feel of these one-of-a-kind frames find their home not only in the city but also far beyond.These bicycles show you various sides you depending on how you ride them.

Folding bicycle brand created by German inventors Heiko Muller and Markus Riese.
The exceptional design in this genre, along with front and rear suspension despite the compact overall package, promise you long comfortable rides.
Further, the excellent mobility of the folding system made easy for anyone to handle will surely expand the range of activities of the owner.
Time-honored American bicycle manufacturer renowned for its off-road bicycle lineup.
The kids’ bicycle series from this manufacturer has become a secret staple in our lineup.
They are just kids’ bicycles, but it is kids’ bicycles for which you’d want to ensure optimal safety and functionality actualized by a proper manufacturer.
These kids’ bicycles are basically smaller BMX bicycles, and can be recommended in terms of both appearance and toughness.